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Text or Phone (504) 915-4298

Sarah Burnette loves to paint. A native of Wisconsin, she’s been in Louisiana for a long, long time. You may have seen her work at Mid City Studios, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Hilbert Conservatory, New Orleans Conservation Guild, Indiana Arts Center, Hoosier Salon, Indiana State Fair, Bywater Art Market, the Art Market of New Orleans and Poydras Home, where she won awards for  portraits three years in a row. Her paintings and drawings are in private collections all around the country. 

Sarah accepts commissions for portraits, landscapes and florals. Contact Sarah at  sarahburnetteart@gmail.com. Visit her Facebook page for all the latest - @sarahburnetteart. Or simply give her a call or text at (504) 915-4298.




Sarah Burnette shows her work at the Arts Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park the last Saturday of every month. Check the Facebook page @sarahburnetteart for updates every month and to see new things she's been working on.