Sarah Burnette is a New Orleans artist who studied for several years in
Indianapolis after Hurricane Katrina. Her paintings and drawings are
exhibited in private collections across the country. She has shown her
work in solo and group shows, juried and non-juried, including the New
Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, New Orleans Conservation
Guild, Mid-City Art Studios, the Indianapolis Art Center, the Hilbert
Conservatory at White River Gardens, Hoosier Salon and
the Indiana State Fair.

She feels fortunate to have studied with a number of wonderful artists,
including Susan Mauck, Ellie Siskind, David Noll, Kathy Gergo, Doug
Daniels and others. Her work has been shaped most profoundly by her
long-time friend and teacher, Dell Weller.

Sarah grew up surrounded by the incredible colors and spontaneous
strokework of rosemaling. This traditional Norwegian artform, so
prevalent in her family, brought her joy for many years and continues to
surround her every day. Beginning in the mid-80s, Sarah began her
studies at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and the Indianapolis Art
Center. Today she focuses on painting in oils (landscapes, still life,
portraits and whatever!) and drawing with charcoal and other media.

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